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Duncan Tham

Retired mercenary commander, now inn owner and adoptive father to an eclectic band of orphans.
District n/a
Rooms kitchen, bedrooms 2, Storage, attic, Store front.
Suppliers Brewery, Rancher, Farmer, Market
Taxes Exempt
Protection n/a

Amalia Tham

Adopted daughter and war orphan, Amalia is a first rate server with great insight into her customer's needs.
Stable Boy

Falk Tham

Adopted son and war orphan, Falk manages the stables.


He escaped working on a merchantman to take shelter at the Kellas House.


The enigmatic sister of Leonid, she spends her days dancing at the Kellas House.


Exotic in any land, Leonid is one of the few remaining catfolk in Northern Pallidorn.
Handy Man


Harney has aspirations to become an entertainer. His past in Duman Downs still haunts him.
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Kellas House has been a mid-point layover for decades. A few years ago it was purchased by a retired veteran of the 10 Years war, a conflict that took place half a continent away. Duncan Tham sunk his earnings as a hero of that war into a quiet roadside inn far from the battlefield.

The journey between Hlofreden and Dowry can be achieved in a single day by hearty travelers. Most prefer to conserve their energy. The accommodations at Kellas House show a loving touch. Merchants and soldiers alike make good use of the overnight lodging.

Entertainment from the exotic cat people who perform at the roadhouse must be seen and heard.

Named for the feline humanoid race that was once common to the area, the name has since come to mean shelter from the frequent rains, a warm fire, good beer and a warm welcome.




Gambling (Dice)
Evenings at Kellas House Harney will conduct dice gambling. He will sit on an elevated platform at the end of the room, remove his shirt and sell wooden betting chits. The money is stored in the main office during the game with betting chits keeping theft to a minimum. The game is even/odd. Two dice are rolled in a cup and set on the platform then betting is accepted. Once all bets are in the cup is removed and bets are paid.

Inn Stay (Merchant Guild) 3 sp
Inn Stay Poor 2 gp
Inn Stay Common 5 sp
Inn Stay Private 5 gp
Inn Stay Suite 16 gp
Laundry 1 sp
Messenger 2 cp/mile
Bath 6 cp
Companion 1 gp -10 gp

The kitchen is small and busy from sun up until sun down. Buttin Merk is works as the cook. Button is missing the tips of his fingers on his left hand, an injury sustained when he was a campaigner. He served for a time with Duncan. Now he is a simple cook with a drinking problem. He makes dishes with a southern flair and a bit of elven thrown in for good measure.

Cornbread Cake 3 sp- Slow-roasted pork and gravy served over a baked cornbread base.

Long Stew 1 sp - A pot of potatoes and mixed vegetable sits over the fire for days and weeks at at time. meat scraps are thrown in for flavor. This hearty stew is favored by freight merchants and drivers alike.

Wheelhouse Pie 5 sp - Flatbread and white gravy support smoked meats and peppers on this large flat pie. It is cut into wedge slices giving it its namesake.

Red Mash 2 sp - Beats and potatoes are boiled and pulverized and topped with thin strips of beef and a brown gravy. Pickled turnips add a zesty garnish.

Hunter’s Loaf 5 sp - A soft roll stuffed with game bird and cheese crumbles. local herbs and shaved garlic finish the portable feast.

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