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Hagan go Brách

A hard-nosed family operated tavern owner of some repute. Hagan operates a thriving business.

Rana Nygard

A youthful twin that live on the fringes of town, Rana is eager to prove her mettle.

Robyn Beckett

Robin is well known for her brazened behavior. Quick to temper and witty she wears her 42 years well.

Ekror Olm

A skilled half-orc mercenary in the employee of a dwarven rancher.

Macaulay go Brách

Eldest son of Hagan, Macaulay is charming and good natured. A good resume for a bar tender.

Sabella go Brách

A talented singer and good with numbers, Sabella manages the books at the Sea Witch.

Faolan go Brách

A handsome man and a talented muscian. The youngest of the family he has yet to make his mark.


Beautiful and deadly. This woman of mystery haunts the night streets of Hlofreden.

Raenir Lochlan

E'sVa'Tou brought him back from beyond the grave. Owing his life to her, he has severed ties with his friends.

Duncan Tham

Retired mercenary commander, now inn owner and adoptive father to an eclectic band of orphans.


Exotic in any land, Leonid is one of the few remaining catfolk in Northern Pallidorn.


An ancient weapon from a bygone era.

Nida Meyers

Daughter of Rusty Pete, she is a fireball in her own right.

Pete "Rusty Pete" Meyers

Shipyard Forman and unofficial mayor of of the West End.


A veteran gun tank and member of the Salamanders 1st squad. He is the center of the .

Bridger Dampfyre
A gifted theologen with a hunger for knowledge. Bridger is charismatic and kind.

Amalia Tham

Adopted daughter and war orphan, Amalia is a first rate server with great insight into her customer's needs.

Falk Tham

Adopted son and war orphan, Falk manages the stables.


He escaped working on a merchantman to take shelter at the Kellas House.


Harney has aspirations to become an entertainer. His past in Duman Downs still haunts him.

Aegliffe Olm

Albino barbarion from the tribes of the northern wastes.

Durid Rhymkeeper

A well traveled bard in search of epic tales and interesting people.

Lord Dun’Egar Embron

A paladin of Qinnah. Embron wields Far'rah, one of the legendary blades of the Vale.


Agless weapon of the Vale. She is noble and regal.


Elven servant of The Vail. He has been bonded to Sgaith for more than a century.


Agless weapon of the Vale. Mysterious rogue weapon.

Orphea Sagar

Patron of bards, heros and the arts. Wife of a tobacco tycoon, she is admired widle for her beauty.

Ffion Sagar

Middle-age tobacco tycoon. He is said to collect rare and beautiful things.

Tesha of Three Trees

A child of the Keswick Wood. Tesha is blessed with two forms. That of a young woman and a three tailed fox.




Bill Sawgus

His cooking skills are well known to all who frequent the Sea Witch Pub.

Evard Mews

Cooks boy is the title he operates under, but he is really the family go'fer. At 10 years old he is too young to argue with anyone.

Dean Sutter

Being the bouncer at the Sea witch is a great position for the former dock worker with a penchant for fighting.

Marla Cole

Wife of a fisherman, Marla earns her keep as a barmaid at the Sea Witch. Unlike the other girls, Marla is all business.

Carissa Chantra

As the newest member of the wait staff at the Sea Witch, Carissa is hard working and frugal.

Vi Halgren

Eldest of the wait staff, Vi is sensible and hard working. Lately she has been giving away shifts to the other girls at the Sea Witch.

Keela Shoal

Long thought to be dead. She has been sighted in the company of a charismatic soldier from Akeron.

E'sVa'tou Recovering from wounds caused by a cursed blade. This chaotic creature is part woman and part snake.


A rogue Homunculus is usually a mad creature incapable of rational thought. He now serves a new master in E'sVa'tou.


The enigmatic sister of Leonid, she spends her days dancing at the Kellas House.

Atticus Richter

The elderly apothecary is well known for his political involvement in local matters.

Beidrick Stolt

A long time friend of the PCs, he is a fisherman by trade.

Charles Ewe Richter

A prominent solicitor and father to SIgismond Richter.

Stella Bayern

Daughter of Dowry street merchant. Stella cheerfully works for her father.

Igul Haver

Commander of Queen Stiletta's Salamanders. Igul is a decorated soldier, beloved by his men.


A skilled home builder, Hullick is quiet, usually offering up nuggets of wisdom when he does talk.

Kale Ashmere

Kale has worked as a longshoreman and a shipbuilder. He is eager to earn his place.

Brüs Kave

A down on his luck farmer. Brüs is nearing fifty. He has a love of nature and natural beauty.

Dieter Blackrose

Enigmatic magic dealer in Widdowborn.

Jurgen Nygard

Father of Floki and Rana. He has recently returned from The Veil.

Avorra DuLak

High Priestess of the Temple of Acionna. She is much beloved by the community and her followers.

Princess Renatta Van'Gnost

Governing the remote city of Dowry by order of her deceased father.

Queen Mbira Oftwed

Ruling the village of Glaf-Raa for the last ten years, she is a governing warrior.


Gristled barbarian war-son trainer.

Dulinar of Seven Oaks

A blind monk who faithfully serves his mistress Aphres.


The Oracle of Nightlak is a mystical creature able to divine the futures of others.

Lord Mael Brethedor

Lord of Hannover and royal representative of the crown.

Eboni Blacke

Traveling companion to Alonce Catera and Keela Shoal.

Jimi "Spider" Cutreed

An outcast ranger living on the fringe of a halfling village. His quirky movments and nature have earned him his nickname.


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