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My name was Breena Vaxsparen, first born daughter of King Ittius of the Avaren Plains. In the last days before the great bargain was struck my Father came to me. I had been promised to the son of a neighboring clan. The betrothal had been delayed for months due to the longstanding war with The Formless. Father had been busy planning strategy and meeting with his war council for days. At times like these I was a forgotten pawn barely worthy of notice. When my servant Littia told me that Father was coming to see me my mind raced. I was ill prepared for what came next. I was worried that perhaps my betrothal was to be delayed once more or worse that my future husband had been slain. As Father neared the door to my room a heard two sets of footfalls. Had there been a death in the family?

Father had sired three girls before his only son was born. Tibias was to be his legacy, but his birthing had been complicated and he had had to be cut from my mother’s womb to save his life. I had many reasons to scorn Tibias. Mother’s death, Father’s love. He was a sweet boy and he had looked to me above all others for friendship and advice. I wanted to hate him, but could bear him only love. Father had inherited all the anger and distain I should have had for Tibias.

The door to my room opened without a knock. Father entered followed by a man I had never seen before. He wore the robes of a magus. Tattoos covered his hands and face. Even his feet that lay bare against the stone floor bore the markings, all else was hidden beneath the robes.

“I have a use for you daughter.” Father said instead of a greeting. “You will bring honor to this clan and your family name.” He continued to speak and I was listening to his words, but I could not help but give my attention to the magus. His eyes looked upon me like a butcher examining a beast for slaughter. All thoughts of escaping this house through wedding or as a hostage were banished. I was going to leave my family house with the magus.

Father continued to talk, to explain what was to be done and why. I was beyond caring. His words rolled over me like fall leaves before a storm.

I arrived at the tower of the magus. I was resigned to my fate. A sacrifice to keep safe the people of The Vale. There were others in the tower, young women about my age. By their dress I could see that each of the great clans had sent forth one of their daughters. We were kept separate from one another, but occasionally one would pass by my chamber. Fewer voices filled the hall as I counted the days. Then they came for me.

I will spare you the details of my transformation. My birth to this life was filled with the pain of any birth I suppose. This time the memory of it would remain fresh. The magus pulled me from the fire of my birth. “You are called Silah.” He said to me. “With this name you are born into the family of eternity to defend this world from the next. Along with your sisters, it is upon you to defend this realm.” He spent several hours instructing me. My duties and powers were explained in great detail. When the instruction was done we travelled. Crossing beyond the Vale to the old world we had recently vacated. Primitive humans and Dwarves had inherited the blighted land the war had scarred. It was in their care I had been placed.

A bleached white shift was my only raiment as I was presented to a man. A human. He was so small and frail. The magus turned to me to take my hand, I had the strange sensation of floating. I had transformed into a large dagger and was then used to draw blood from the man. This was my first bond.




Age unknown
Hometown unknown
Occupation n/a
Siblings Three
Birth Order First
Spouse n/a
Children n/a
Physical Characteristics
Height 5' 4"
Weight 100
Race Human (Varies)
Eye Color Honey Brown
Hair Color Brunette
Skin Color Fair
Distinguishing Features Tattoo-like runes adorn her body following the contour of her spine. These same runes appear on the weapon in her weapon form.
Fashion Sense  
Speech Patterns Formal. Misremembers names.
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