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Size: Medium Fortiffied Port
Population: 50,000+
Trades: Piracy
Dangers: Pirates
Languages: Nessian


Apoxus is a fortified port which is home to roughly a third of Nessia’s pirate navy, and the docks and shipyards are tuned to that purpose. A city infested with cutthroats, it is a place of great danger and violence held in check only by the will of the Darkmage Apoxus and his force of “The Unholy.” Life for the average citizen is hard, and one must be sure with a blade to avoid being a victim. The city is old, in decay, dirty and dark, with a horrid sewage problem. Slaves are a common sight.

Single-rule Tyranny. Apoxus, the “lesser brother,” holds sole control over everything, supported by his “Unholy” and those Darkmages living in the city who are bound to his will. City officials are appointed by Apoxus, and serve in a system of corruption, humiliation and fear.

Vastly powerful and allied with Infernal Influences, this high-level mage despises his older brother, but dare not challenge him. Yet he is too powerful for his elder sibling to defeat, so there exists a state of balance. Depraved and evil, Apoxus has sold his soul for Immortality and dark, unthinkable power.
In Their Own Words… “Mortals exist only as grist for the infernal mill. Their souls are ripe for the harvest, and I will reap the bounty.”
“Civilized” religion is outlawed in Nessia, its practice punishable by torture and death. The worship of demons, however, is widespread and many cults thrive here. Demonic temples and hellish religious gatherings are permitted, but closely monitored. If there is even a whiff of sentiment which threaten’s Apoxus’s power or standing as supreme authority, the priest and all his followers are executed, and their temple torn down stone by stone. Nessians are so anti-Christian that a mockery of the crucifixion can be seen on two of their coins.
  HELL’S GATE: This is a huge open air market just of the docks, where pirates sell their loot to merchants (after the government takes a large bite), who in turn sell to the population. Since the pirate trade is the city’s only real source of income, the marketplace is surprisingly calm and orderly. Nearly anything can be found here.
  THE BASTION: A massive black stone castle overlooking both the city and the harbor, it is the home of Apoxus, his “Unholy,” and a menagerie of horrific monsters under the Darkmage’s control.
  HEARTS: A large wharfside tavern popular with pirates, it is a dangerous and rowdy place, with nightly murders. Any vice can be had here.
  Ignacio Scythe: A powerful pirate commodore commanding 15 vessels, with his own castle on a nearby promontory. Considered the worst of a bad bunch, Scythe is known for publicly raping and skinning captured, foreign females.
In Their Own Words… “Ah, now here’s a pretty bunch of captives, and well-fed too. Send the men to the pitchmakers or slavemaster, it doesn’t matter. I’ll tend to the ladies personally. What? Oh, the child. Feed him to my basilisk. Be sure his mother gets to watch.”
  Fugitanius: A high level Darkmage and veteran of half a dozen stealthy infiltrations of the Empire (where he committed assassinations and atrocities), and his hatred of the Imperials is absolute. He is the Royal Tax Collector for the city’s ruler, personally inspecting the booty gained from every pirate venture, taking the state’s cut, and picking out choice items for himself. He holds so much authority and personal power that even the most fearsome pirates will only grumble at his looting.
In Their Own Words… “Captain, if you feel I’m being unfair, you can take it up with his Dark Eminence yourself. If it’s personal, however… we’ll just have a peek at your insides, then.”
  The Unholy: Apoxus’s personal guard of villains (fighters, rogues, assassins and mages) who guard his castle, patrol the streets and keep the pirates in line. Their symbol is an inverted cross on a white field, and they dress all in black, heads and faces covered by hoods and scarves.
  Slaver’s Guild: Merchants of flesh, this influential collection of traders buys slaves from the pirates, to be sold at auction or to private buyers. Slavery is a big, competitive business here, and these men and women are wealthy and well-protected.