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Geography: Vast Forest
Weather: All seasons are the most glorious examples of that time of year
Ecology: Dense woods, spectacular glades and meadows, crystal lakes and rivers
Population: Predominantly elves, with some humans, half elves, halflings, and fey creatures of all sorts (as well as monsters and mythical creatures.)
Languages: Elven, Imperial Common


Seemingly endless forests of heart-wrenching beauty, these vast woods have no known roads or mapped cities (though population centers do exist.) The Elven capital of “Silke” is mythical, its location unknown, its beauty the stuff of legends. The elves of Llohna live generous, peaceful lives filled with family, song, poetry, hunting, and the appreciation of beauty. They are no strangers to battle, however, and are capable adversaries. Goblins regularly raid down across the Alps from the Grimme, and the forest has its share of monsters and untamed beasts. In recent years the elves have committed a measure of troops to the Empire’s Pass Wars and 5th Crusade, a decision which is widely unpopular.
Llohna is an ancient forest, and home to many fey and faerie folk, as well as centaur tribes who have a long alliance with the elves. The centaurs join with elven forces to face Nessian raiders preying upon the southern coast.

Ruling over a large organization of Noble Houses is the Everqueen, a timeless monarch of unending beauty (who’s recent politics have her in disfavor among many of the noble houses who say the elves should stay out of the affairs of men.) The method of choosing an Everqueen is unknown, and this one has been seated since man was primitive. The many noble houses attend the Everqueen’s Court, and see to their own territories – a loose collection of princes and princesses. “Rule” is an intangible thing, as most elves go about their long lives as free spirits, without the yoke of an oppressive government. It is said the King of the Faeries has his own, independent court, but is on friendly terms with the elves.

Full of magical, hypnotic grace, this “young” woman (who appears as a 25-year-old, but her age is counted in centuries) is the caretaker of Llohna, and is possessed of great compassion. Some say her love of human-kind is excessive, and her policy of spending elvish lives in human wars is both distressing and much opposed. She offers no explanation for why she sends elves to fight in human wars, except to say that “Charity in the present reaps benefits in the future.” There is no “King,” and any consorts she may have are very discrete.
In Their Own Words… “How can you not love humans? So full of folly and determination, bright lives which wink out in such a short time. I treasure them.”

  SILKE: The mythical elven capital, location unknown, is said to be a blend of white stone towers and tree homes where the cultured and refined aristocracy of elven society lives. It is also rumored to be able to float from place to place at the Everqueen’s will.
  TOWER of SORROWS: Location unknown, this castle is rumored to be somewhere far to the East. A great, elegant castle amid dark and confusing forests, legend claims it is a place of banishing for those rare elves who have greviously transgressed against Llohna and her people.
  MOUNT EDINWAHL: Myth tells of a single peak rising somewhere out of the forest, location unknown, towering above an endless canopy of green and perpetually crowned with snow. A great palace is said to be carved from the living rock near its peak, home to the “Ael’Fa,” a gathering of Gold Dragons who watch over Llohna and often take elven form when visiting the Everqueen’s Court, to provide wisdom and counsel.
  FAER’DAERG HOME: The secret hall of the Faerie King and his Court, a place of powerful magic and mishief, said to be home to the “Wild Hunt.”
  Prince General Clavius Elmcrest: A high level ranger, noble and High Protector of Llohna, this older yet capable elf is fiercely loyal to the Everqueen, and a powerful leader. It is said his support is the only thing which keeps the queen on her throne in these troubled times. He sees elven involvement in foreign wars to be a sharpening tool to keep his forces ready to face other threats.
In Their Own Words… “I grow weary of the Princes and their constant nagging for isolationism. Are we dwarves? And what they fail to see is that fighting Goblins in foreign lands keeps us from fighting them within our homeland.”
  Prince Xavier Amberleaf: The head of one of the most prominent Noble Houses, this elf is a strong opponent to the Everqueen’s foreign policy. Influential and charismatic, his political ambitions are no secret.
In Their Own Words… “All I am saying, your majesty…and there are many who agree with me…is there can be no elvish benefit to spending lives on behalf of humans who will eventually, in some fit of religious zeal, turn their attentions towards our resources. They are short-sighted, primitive, and frankly, not to be trusted. Perhaps if you sought more counsel from your faithful nobles, we would not be discussing the pointless waste of so many elves…?
  Princess Fra’Lagh Whisperwind: A high level ranger, this noble elf lead’s Llohna’s elite force of “White Arrows” (see Groups and Guilds). The princess is in love with the forest and its creatures, and has little use for court or politics, remaining focused on the task of protecting Llhona’s borders.
In Their Own Words… “…Now pay attention. Approach your goblin from the rear…hand over mouth, insert dagger at base of skull, twist left, then right…scrambles his puny brains nice and quietly.”

Bellavannavia: A living elven hero and celebrated bard, the female “Vanna” and her band of retainers travel the elven world as the mood suits them, taking on adventures, gathering songs and stories, and getting the most out of life. She is said to have outfoxed a red dragon, tricking him into surrendering his treasure. On a double or nothing wager, the dragon lost and was banished to the Grimme for 500 years!
In Their Own Words… “A song? A tale? How about a limerick? There once was an elf from Nantucket… Perhaps we’ll save that one for after a bottle or two of elderberry wine!”

  White Arrows: An elite unit of elven rangers, fearless and deadly, who fight guerilla-style and patrol Llohan’s borders.
  9th Centaur: Calling this highly disciplined force “cavalry” is an insult, but appropriate. Each is an accomplished warrior and archer. Numbering over 1,000, this brigade is the 9th to be organized (only one brigade serves at a time), and its members work closely with the White Arrows.
  The Ashua Seers: These are Druids which operate across Llohna in small sects, but answer to a single “Grand Seer.” These elves watch over the forest and its residents, aid in its defense when necessary, and advise the Everqueen’s court. They are recognized by their grey-green hooded cloaks with silver trim, and staffs tipped with silver pinecones. The Seers are said to be on friendly terms with the faerie folk.
  R’Tal Elves: A merchant’s guild of sorts, these enterprising elves are committed to conducting trade with humans, particularly those of the Empire, but also with Castille and the island nations. The R’Tal operate the ships that make the perilous run to Viletta to obtain mithril. Enjoying wealth and comfort well beyond that of most elves, these merchants are scorned by the noble class, but still have their place in society.