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Sovereighty of Thippus
Size: 90 Miles long
Population: Predominantly comfortable, rural commoners
Trades: vineyards, olive groves, wheat, goats, fishing & pearls
Qualities: Mountainous, warm water and soft beaches. Weather: Balmy and temperat. Fertile and lush, palm groves, agriculture.
Dangers: Pirates
Disadvantages: Constant state of war with Nessia, Frequent tropical storms


A Greek-style nation closely allied with Thessalya, holding deeply-rooted customs and traditions. Richer in natural beauty and resources than her cousin to the south, Thippus is also less warlike, using its small fleet and army for defense only (a source of frustration to the neighboring Thessalyan King.) A prosperous land, where even the common folk enjoy a full life relatively free from deprivation. Trade is fruitful, with the Alliance partners, Castille & the Empire, and to some extent, with the elves of Llohna. For this latter reason, elves are frequently found visiting or even living in beautiful Thippus, mixing elven customs with Thippan tradition. It is a land of peace and plenty, though its citizens (and rulers) tend to be naïve about the aggressive intentions of some neighbors…