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Welcome to Gamepoint Worlds.

This site is dedicated to hosting current and archived campaign settings I have created over the years. It is not an exhaustive list, but it covers most of the settings. Some of the links inside are no longer active and some of the images are missing from older campaigns. I am endeavoring to update and fix these areas as time allows.

My active campaigns are listed at the top. Once they are retired, the images, journals, and other information will be stored here for nostalgic purposes.


Shadow Empyre Fiction

Gianna's Repose - Keith Haney

Gwynneth's Vista - Keith Haney
The Package - Keith Haney
Dancing Rabbits - John Campbell
Bell - Keith Haney
Jack of all Trades - John Campbell
The Promise - Keith Haney
Fermentation - Keith Haney
Balance - Keith Haney
Of Blood, Fate and Circumstance - Erik Collett
Overshadowed - Erik Collett

Sanctuary - Erik Collett

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